Sucatrol™ is a proprietary blend of Phaseolus vulgaris extract
and Chromium picolinate

Sucatrol™ is a proprietary blend of Phaseolus vulgaris extract and Chromium picolinate, which has a synergistic action on the normal macronutrient metabolism of carbohydrates. The Phaseolus vulgaris extract is clinically proven to inhibit the activity of alpha amylase in digesting carbohydrates, while Chromium picolinate promotes optimal insulin activity and is needed to transport glucose to the cells for energy production. Chromium picolinate with an absorption capability of up to 16x better than other forms of chromium complexes is an excellent source of the essential trace mineral chromium. Sucatrol™ helps to reduce the rapid and substantial increase in blood glucose levels, thereby promoting a healthy blood glucose level. It also supports weight management.

Its proprietary extraction process ensures the retention of the alpha amylase inhibiting capability in the Phaseolus vulgaris extract, even under challenging gastrointestinal conditions. Since the discovery of chromium’s efficacy in managing blood glucose levels, the Chromium picolinate used in Sucatrol™ is supported by over 35 clinical studies and has been reviewed for safety by regulatory governing bodies in US, EU and Canada.

is manufactured under the strictest quality control procedures, conforming to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for medicinal products and ISO 9001. Besides stringent regulatory assessment, the consistency of each batch is tested according to a set of predetermined physical and chemical specifications to ensure a standardised quality of Sucatrol™, guaranteeing consumer safety while balancing blood glucose levels effectively.

Sucatrol™ is a registered trademark of the InQpharm group of companies and is exclusively manufactured and distributed worldwide by InQpharm.


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